Gemstone Cutting

The first stage of gemstone cutting is to select the rough. At first this doesn’t look like much, a bag of old rocks. It takes an expert to predict what the final quality of the cut stone will be.        Wetting the stone or oiling it often brings out it’s true colour. This […]

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Jewellery Competition Brighton

Jewellery Competition Brighton.  We are pleased to announce we are holding another competition on Pinterest for you to win a £200 voucher! You can enter the Jewellery Competition Brighton by: Going to our Pinterest or Instagram page Pinning your top 5 favourite products Showing us the outfit you would like to pair with it by […]

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May Birthstone Emerald Jewellery

The May Birthstone is Emerald the most famous of the green gemstones. It is also one of rarest and most valuable and is classified as one of the ‘precious four’ gemstones: emerald, ruby, diamond and sapphire. The finest emerald is thought to come from Columbia. Emerald has a special cut known as “Emerald Cut” or octagon which perfectly suits […]

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Hammered Wedding Rings Handmade in Sussex

Hammered Wedding Rings add a touch of individuality to any shaped wedding band. As Jewellers Anton Pruden and Rebecca Smith were both trained as silversmiths originally. The unusual look of the jewellery that they design at Pruden and Smith uses hammering as a technique little used in traditional jewellery. It gives their jewellery an individuality not […]

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Brighton Festival Ditchling Open Houses

Brighton Festival Ditchling Open Houses: Over four weekends in May, artists open their doors to offer work from over 1,200 artists, exhibiting in more than 180 venues across the city of Brighton, Hove and beyond. The Open Houses are grouped in local trails, each with their own unique character, from the fishermen’s houses of Hanover, Regency […]

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April Birthstone Diamond

There are many benefits to being born in April; spring blossom, extra Easter eggs, and having diamonds as your birthstone! The April Birthstone Diamond is the perfect excuse to buy your loved one or even treat yourself to an interesting diamond ring, a contemporary diamond bracelet or pair of unusual diamond earrings. At Pruden and Smith, […]

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