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October Birthstone Tourmaline of Many Colours

October Birthstone tourmaline

The October Birthstone Tourmaline comes in many colours. It is ideally suited to almost anyone’s taste. If your birthday is in October you are lucky to have a wide range of beautiful coloured gemstones to choose from. Because of this unusual colour range it is our favorite gemstone as with many jewellery designers and gem collectors the world over. […]

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Autumn Jewellery

The end of summer is drawing near and as you start think about donning your warmer clothes look for gold coloured autumn jewellery for that extra warm feeling. Compliment your gold jewellery with gemstones with in oranges, reds, and yellows such as tourmaline, sapphire, citrine, fire opal, ruby, garnet and smokey quartz. Layering gold chains and pendants […]

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Diamond Myths Exposed!

There are many myths out there about diamonds. To dispel them, we are happy to share with you some professional truths! ‘Carat’ only refers to weight: 1ct=0.2gm. For example, these earrings of ours have a total carat weight of 2ct which is equal to 0.4gms. The ‘sparkle’comes from light entering the top (‘table’) and bouncing or […]

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