A Legacy to Last a Lifetime

Debra Barton Ring Redesign

Reusing Deborah’s Own Gemstones and Metals

When their mother passed away Deborah and her sisters each inherited some jewellery. Unfortunately, most of the pieces were broken, had stones missing or were otherwise unwearable. So, after having initially visited Pruden and Smith to trade in the precious metals and gemstones and buy something new, Deborah was thrilled to use our redesign service and create a set of stacking rings from the inherited jewellery.

Deborah’s collection of inherited items meant that she had a number of precious gemstones to choose from and at her design appointment with Rebecca Smith, Creative Director and Head Designer, it was agreed to create stacking rings from jewellery dating back three generations from her mother’s family.

Using materials from her grandmother’s wedding ring, a ruby ring from her aunt, a dark blue sapphire and heart shaped topaz of her mother’s, Deborah opted to add some new diamonds to the mix, for added sparkle. 

The result? A set of stacking rings “so unique and special – something that nobody else in the world has”.


Debra Barton Ring Redesign

A Ring That Holds Three Generations

The ring set holds the memory of Deborah’s female bloodline and is something that reminds her of all three generations on her mothers side before her. Eventually, these will be passed on to her daughter – creating a legacy to last a lifetime.

If you have some jewellery that holds sentimental value but is no longer worn, our redesign service could help you create something new. So why not book a design appointment for an opportunity to create something special for yourself (or a loved one) for years to come. 

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