Best price for scrap gold

At Pruden and Smith we offer you the best price for scrap gold.

With the pound plummeting and the economic uncertainty produced by Brexit, gold prices are rocketing today. It is a good time to sell any scrap silver gold or platinum that you have been thinking of parting with.

Best price for scrap gold

Bring your gold in today for a quote from our expert team. They will test and weigh your silver, gold or platinum and produce an accurate quotation based on the up to the minute gold price. Once we have done this, it is up to you to choose the time that the gold is scrapped. As the rate rises then your gold will be recalculated. Only when you give the go ahead will the rate be set against the market price. In this way you will be ready to get the best prices available for your scrap gold, platinum or silver today. This is how we offer you the best price for scrap gold.

best price for scrap gold

We also recycle gold and platinum.

Once tested it is melted in a crucible like the one above and milled out into sheet or wire and sent to the assay office for marking and testing and is then ready to be used in a new piece of jewellery. We do this for environmental and sometimes sentimental reasons if the gold is coming from a treasured inherited piece of jewellery. With the pound so low the cost of precious metals and gemstones, which are all imported, has risen. This means for UK residents there has never been a better time to consider recycling your old jewellery into a fabulous new design. Here are some examples of gold, diamonds and gemstones that have been recycled from another piece of jewellery.

Diamond and sapphire ring in 18ct gold

Recycled 18ct yellow gold, sapphire and diamond ring

Recycled Gold Roman ring 18ct rose gold and amethyst

Recycled rose gold and amethyst ring

Recycled 18ct gold earstuds with aquamarine

Recycled 18ct yellow gold and amethysts

platinum engagement ring and diamond set wedding ring

Recycled Amethyst and pear shaped diamond set of rings

Pearl bracelet with diamonds in 9ct white gold

Recycled baroque pearls and diamonds set into a 9ct white gold cuff


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