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Unusual Fashionable Jewellery Designs for 2017

Just about to hit our website are these unusual fashionable jewellery designs for 2017. Featuring aquamarines, sapphires, diamonds white and rose gold. All trending jewellery looks for this years classic wedding jewellery. This years range of engagement rings will focus on sapphire and diamond. Rose gold and silver cuff bangle           […]

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Diamond Myths Exposed!

There are many myths out there about diamonds. To dispel them, we are happy to share with you some professional truths! ‘Carat’ only refers to weight: 1ct=0.2gm. For example, these earrings of ours have a total carat weight of 2ct which is equal to 0.4gms. The ‘sparkle’comes from light entering the top (‘table’) and bouncing or […]

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Unique Handmade Engagement Rings

With Christmas fast approaching, we have spent a lot of time creating some stunning new styles for unique handmade engagement rings. We think you will be impressed with some of the new and slightly unusual designs we have come up with – taking into account style, creativity and feedback from you, our customers! Jewellery does […]

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