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Autumn Jewellery

The end of summer is drawing near and as you start think about donning your warmer clothes look for gold coloured autumn jewellery for that extra warm feeling. Compliment your gold jewellery with gemstones with in oranges, reds, and yellows such as tourmaline, sapphire, citrine, fire opal, ruby, garnet and smokey quartz. Layering gold chains and pendants […]

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Gold Jewellery…

Gold jewellery, what you need to know. Here at Pruden and Smith we have a wide selection of gold jewellery. All of our jewelry is handmade and designed at our workshop in Ditchling, below our gallery. So if you are interested in how gold jewellery is made come on one of our free tours of our workshop, so feel […]

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New Tricolour Stacking Rings – Reusing Old Gold Diamonds and Ruby.

unusual stacking ring

This stunning new set of unusual stacking rings were made using recycled gold from jewellery that was no longer worn by the owner. The metal and stones from the unwanted jewellery were remodelled into these stunning new dress rings that can now be worn and enjoyed every day. Stacking rings are an excellent way to […]

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New Handmade Wedding Rings

These gold wedding rings were handmade using recycled jewellery, the gold and diamonds were reclaimed from old broken jewellery and remodeled into these stunning contemporary wedding rings. The 3 band wedding ring is made from hammered silver and gold. This ring was commissioned celebrate a silver wedding anniversary and was made using the couple’s own […]

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