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Creative Eternity Rings

There are many starting points to beginning the process of designing our Creative eternity rings. One of our recent favorites is this 18ct yellow gold and old cut diamond eternity ring. The diamonds themselves inspired the piece. They were unset from a clients old jewellery. As they were being removed from metalwork that was designed […]

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Eternity Rings To Enhance Your Engagement and Wedding Ring Set

Ever thought about looking at Eternity Rings To Enhance Your Engagement and Wedding Ring Set? If there’s room on your finger then it is traditional after 10 year of marriage to purchase an eternity ring that sits below the wedding ring on your finger with the engagement ring above. The wedding ring sits between the […]

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Christmas Eternity Rings

Christmas Eternity Rings: View our complete collection here.  If you can’t see one that exactly fit’s the bill then call and speak to one of our designers to discuss your ideas.   An eternity ring is a perfect surprise Christmas gift and here’s a selection of what Pruden and Smith have been making in the […]

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A Handmade Eternity Ring for Christmas

A handmade eternity ring is a band of gold or platinum with a ring of precious stones or diamonds around it’s circumference. They symbolize eternal life, eternal love, the cycle of life and eternity. With this in mind, they are given between couples to symbolize their never ending love at a significant moment in their […]

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Unusual Eternity Rings

Traditionally an eternity ring, also known as an infinity ring, is comprised of a band of precious metal, usually gold or platinum, set with a continuous line of identically cut diamonds. An eternity ring is given to symbolise never-ending love. It is usually given on the occasion of a significant anniversary. Pruden and Smith specialise in both […]

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Diamond Eternity Rings

At Pruden and Smith, we love designing eternity rings. One of the more unusual designs we have recently started selling is the rough diamond eternity ring. Rough diamonds are diamonds that have not yet been cut, so they can have an original and varied look. A very unusual ring, these can be made with either […]

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