Romantic Winter Proposal

A romantic winter proposal is thought by many to be one of the best times of year to propose. Crisp Sundays walking in the woods or across a park, the air smells fresh and full of new promise for the next year. Add snow and the whole scene becomes even more romantic, crunching across the ground, arm in arm with your partner, looking at the frosted trees. Fields of snow can spread out before you with the occasional footprints of other lovers. Then retire indoors and sit by an open fire together, maybe this is the time to ask the ultimate question, ‘Will you marry me’.

One thing of course you will need, is an engagement ring. Here at Pruden & Smith we have a wide range of bespoke, unusual engagement rings with designs that are a contemporary take on the traditional. We offer a broad portfolio of rings or of course you can have a completely distinct piece tailor made for you.

You could start by having a look at our wide range of existing designs for engagement rings.

With our exclusive engagement rings available in platinum with magical diamonds the results of a romantic winter proposal could well leave you on top of the world!

Romantic Winter Proposal

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