Small Gemstone Jewellery Redesign Ideas

Small Gemstone Jewellery Redesign Ideas

Small Gemstone Jewellery Redesign Ideas: Inheriting lots of pieces of jewellery containing lots of small gemstones can be hard to think what to do with. Perhaps not highly valuable for resale they contain great value in terms of who they once belonged to and the unique family stories that they represent and it can be a lovely experience to work with them to create a memory piece of jewellery. Once combined these small stones gather inherent value and become important memory pieces for all the family. They create an opportunity to tell family stories as each element is explained and remembered. here are some lovely designs that we love.


Gemstone Diamond Wide Wave Cuff Bangle Peacock Tail Bubbles Cluster Pendantespoke Aquamarine emerald diamond stacking ring

If you have old jewellery of sentimental value containing tiny diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds or other gemstones, get in touch to discover how to create one of these lovely family heirlooms. Its so surprising how they can combine together to create some stunning unusual jewellery for all the family.

Speak to our designer Rebecca Smith online or instore  about recycled Small Gemstone Jewellery Redesign Ideas

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These are examples using emeralds and old diamonds of all sizes. The old gold and platinum from the shanks and settings have been melted down into the shanks and settings and re hallmarked to preserve their value. If stones look dull then we repolish the top surface. You wont recognise them as the same diamonds and gemstones! Find out more.

Small Gemstone Jewellery Redesign IdeasChristmas Jewellery Commissions Reusing Gemstones: Diamond Sapphire Ring “Bubble” 18ct Gold Recycled Gemstone Pave stacking ring

It can be one of the most fun design experiences as there are so many options and combinations to inspire the pieces. its lovely to split the gemstones and design something for each member of the family. You won’t believe what’s possible.

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