Unique dress rings

labradorite dress ring

Unique dress rings such as this selection of rough checker cut silver dress rings are available to buy from us on our website or in our Ditchling based gallery. A dress ring does not necessarily hold any meaning like an engagement ring would – they are seen as more of a fashion accessory. The style of dress ring pictured below works particularly well as a stacking ring because of the uneven shapes that fit together. Blue Topaz and Amethyst work well together because of their colouring. Citrine and Green Amethyst also work wonderfully together with their earthy coloured stones. Labradorite always looks beautiful; whether its rough cut or a polished finish.. Labradorite is a nice choice in this rough cut style of dress ring because the colours in the stone are sometimes uneven and random too. Moonstone can look great against the Labradorite ring and can be worn stacking as well. These products are all available to buy on our website, just click the pictures to go straight to the product! We have a number of other beautiful unique dress rings to buy off the shelf. Or, why not commission a brand new dress rings? If you have any old stones or unused jewellery we can remodel them into a new piece of jewellery for you. This sapphire and diamond dress ring is a fabulous example of our jewellery redesign service.


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