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Ditchling Wedding? Plan the perfect Sussex Wedding

Rebecca Smith

Whether you’ve bought the ring or just said yes, planning a perfect Ditchling wedding is no laughing matter. So, what happens next? Depending on you this could involve months of intricate planning or a quick nip to the registry office. But, regardless of whether you’re a ‘bridezilla’ or a ‘not that fussed’, Ditchling is a perfect place to hold a wedding!

The picturesque village in the East Sussex countryside has a rich and vibrant history, stretching back to the Saxon times with a variety of old buildings and traditional architecture. It also boasts a longstanding reputation as a hub of arts and culture and with the incredible surrounding countryside of rolling hills and stunning wildlife it is easy to see why.

So, when it comes to planning a wedding, it’s obvious why someone would pick Ditchling. It’s the perfect place for a fairy tale wedding and, of course, the photos are going to be fantastic., Whether you’re a local looking for some inspiration or someone who’s just fallen in love with Ditchling’s rustic charm, these are some of our recommendations. If you’re looking for a place to stay, or can’t quite decide on a florist, we’ve got you covered.

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Ditchling Wedding

Ditchling Wedding Venues: First things first: the venue. Ditchling has a variety of incredible venues where you might like to hold your wedding, reception or meal, no matter whether you’re looking for something inside the village or only a short drive away.

For the couple looking to take advantage of Ditchling’s incredible architecture The Bull Pub is a great choice. One of the oldest buildings in the village the pub dates back to the 16th century, with aged wooden beams and old-fashioned fireplaces. The pub gives off a cosy atmosphere perfect for an intimate family Ditchling wedding and for a summer celebration, it boasts a large garden with exceptional views of the surrounding countryside.

For those of you with more eclectic taste, why not take advantage of the village’s cultural background at Ditchling’s Museum of Arts and Crafts The museum features work made in the village itself and is available for private hire after closing hours. Their café serves a mixture of locally sourced cakes and all of their furniture and crockery has been made in the UK to further celebrate local crafts.

Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft

Décor: Once you know the where, you need to decide on the what. Namely, what is your venue going to look like? I imagine most of you have your wedding theme and colours picked out before you choose the venue –– but how can you be certain that your venue fits your theme? Florists are always a good choice; while they’re providing you with that all-important bouquet why not also enquire about incredible centrepieces, stunning aisle decorations and breath-taking floral arches?

Poison Ivy Florists is a great option for your Ditchling wedding florist. The Ditchling based florist has a local reputation for providing excellent wedding flowers. Their skills extend across a whole range of artistic floristry, creating incredible bouquets, table decorations, buttonholes and centrepieces in styles that vary from strictly traditional to wildly contemporary. They’re great at catering to out-of-towners as well as they are happy to arrange long-distance consultations.

Catering: Once you’ve picked out the wedding venue and sorted the decorations, then it’s time to start planning more important things; the reception. Once you’ve brought your assorted friends and family down to Ditchling, what are you going to feed them? Jesus may have been able to feed the 5000 with only fish and bread but I imagine your guests will be hoping for a little more variety.

For some truly high-end catering why not check out the local experts? Jessica De Jong founded Bear Claw caterers after completing her Cordon Bleu training and working alongside such household names as Jamie Oliver and Michael Roux Jr. Another local legend is Kate Henry, star of Bake-Off 2014. Having taken a year out of baking to get her chef’s qualifications he now specialises in creating delicious canapes for up to 100 guests.

Of course, no celebration is complete without drinks so it’s always a good idea to check out your local options. Some venues, like The Bull Pub, have their booze sorted already. The Bull established their own brewery in 2015 and began making a name for themselves for eco-friendly brewing.

If you’re looking for something sparkly for the toasts, Ditchling is home to one of England’s few vineries. The chalky ground of the South Downs and the cooler climate create the ideal conditions for producing sparkling wines and the Ridgeview vinery is the only one in England with a bespoke sparkling wine cellar – providing original creations to Waitrose, Marks and Spencer’s and Laithwaite’s.

Sussex Wedding

Accommodation: Once the booze has run dry, nibbles have been appreciatively devoured, and the evening is winding to a close you’ll start to think longingly of your bed.

Ditchling boasts a variety of small hotels, bed and breakfasts, holiday homes and local inns and, of course, if your party’s a bit large or you booked late there’s always the possibility of calling a cab and taking advantage of the 20-minute drive to Brighton. If you don’t want the magic of your night to end though, why not check out Blackberry wood campsite Ideal for the couple looking for something a bit different in a bridal suite and superb for any of your guests with kids, Blackberry Woods offers a unique glamping experience.

The site offers a variety of bizarre accommodation from a refurbished helicopter to a double decker bus. The highlight of the site though are their two treehouses, Higgledy and Piggledy. The two have a rustic charm, taking advantage of the local aesthetic. While they may be rustic, they are certainly not plain. Higgledy comes with a charming tower and a lovely bay window seat with a fantastic view. Piggledy offers a rustic charm, delicate carvings and an elegant heart shaped stained-glass window. So whichever one you pick you are guaranteed to wake up the morning after your wedding and feel like you’ve stepped out of fairy tale.

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