Archive: Exhibitions and Publications

Since 1988, they have fulfilled many important commissions for most Cathedrals in the country and many delighted individuals
They are both Freemen of the Goldsmiths Company.Handmade Jewellery Haywards Heath

The “Pruden Chalice” – Dunstan Pruden – 1958. Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Other members of the team in Ditchling are all experts in their own right or apprentices, receiving excellent training.



2009-12 British Silver week
2007-9 Connect, touring
2008 Goldsmiths Fair, London
2008 British Silver Week, Edinburgh & London
2007 Made in Sussex, Ditchling Museum
2006 A Centerpiece in Silver, The Netherlands
2005 Sheffield Millennium Galleries
2004 Silver as Light, The Netherlands
2004 Roger Bilcliffe Gallery, Glasgow.
2002 Silver as Water, The Netherlands
2002 Silver, A Sterling Adventure. The Royal Cornwall Museum
2002 One Tree, The Geffrye Museum, London
2001 The Jules Award for best non-jewellery product range.
2001 British Silverware, Keith Lippert Gallery, Washington, USA
2000 British Contemporary Silver, The Netherlands
1999 Cutlery exhibition, Goldsmiths Hall, London.
1999 British Designer Silver, Hong Kong.
1998 Silver and Tea, Goldsmiths Hall, London.
1997 UK Now, Melbourne, Australia.
1997/98/99 Crafts Council, San Francisco, Inhorgenta and New York Trade Fairs.


2008 British Silver Week
2007 Connect, ABDS
2006 A Centerpiece in Silver
2004 Silver as Light
2002 Silver as Water, Stichting Zilverkunst, Schoonhoven
2002 Buyers guide to contemporary metal, Crafts Council
2001 British Silversmiths, ABDS
2001 One tree, One Tree Trust
1998 Silver and Tea, Goldsmiths Company
1998 Cutlery, Goldsmiths Company

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