Jewellery Repairs

Pruden and Smith jewellery repairs are second to none. As craftsmen who are making new jewellery day in day out we know and understand how jewellery is constructed. As well as our exceptional skill and experience we also have all the latest cutting edge equipment such as our new laser welder. The laser welder enables us to target problem areas in a completed piece of jewellery more accurately than ever before. It also means your repair is carried out using higher carat platinum and gold rather than “low melt metals”. When you leave your precious jewellery with us here at P&S you can be assured of the utmost care, attention & respect to the item at all times.

We will give you honest advice and recommendations. Your repair will be checked in and photographed. Our expert repairer will fully examine your jewellery and make a recommendation of the work needed. This includes explaining any risks to your jewellery whilst undergoing repair (see below for a list of these). You will then be called with a quotation. We do not like to undertake any jewellery repair work unless we are 100% confident that the work is economic to you and will stabalise the piece so that it can be worn again. In cases where we feel this is not possible we can remount your diamonds in a handmade replica of your original. We also offer a redesign service so that you can preserve and combine pieces of sentimental value into a new design. See our “precious legacy service”

ring resizingRemounting diamondsResetting diamondsDiamond ring repair

repair diamond ringDiamond RemountingResetting diamond ringJewellery repairs

The most common and successful jewellery repairs and jewellery alterations we carry out are:

Diamond remounting in platinum, yellow and white gold, replacing worn settings.

Diamond cutting to repair damage to the surface or chipping to the girdle.

Ruby Sapphire and emerald re polishing to brighten scratched gemstones.

Ring resizing including re shanking or lining a ring that has worn too thin.

We are happy to access any piece of jewellery for you.

Please note the following cautions about jewellery repairs

Whilst we work on everyone’s jewellery with the care as if it was our own , we would ask you to understand, appreciate and ultimately accept that YOUR stone could be damaged during a repair or remaking process with the worst case scenario being a total loss stone breakage. Even new gemstones can break whilst being set, especially emeralds and opals which have a structure that makes them more susceptible to fracture than other gemstones. In the event of such breakage, we cannot be held liable for the replacement of such. This is something to consider greatly should the stones be of huge sentimental value.

Precious stones are particularly vulnerable in the case of some repairs, especially re-setting, re-clawing or re-tipping and in the cases of some softer stones even cleaning can damage them. Aside from a total loss, stones can become chipped or grazed in a repair process.  In this case, we would always endevour to re-polish the stone (in most cases at our expense) but it must be fully understood that, due to circumstance beyond our control during the re-cutting or polishing process,  the stone could end up being smaller than as it was supplied.  It is not possible to fill or add to a gemstone so any damage has to be removed.

Please remember that guidelines like this are not exclusive to jewellery repairs! – any service that offers work to be done on customers property will have a disclaimer so the customer assumes risk to their goods.

The jewellery repairs are undertaken by craftsman with many years experience in their field but it is HIGHLY IMPORTANT that you as a customer are aware no repair is fully without risk.  Goods are only handled by fully qualified personnel and if transported off-site for work to be carried out by insured personnel.

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