Jewellery Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning instructions:

*NOTE we now have a range of excellent cleaning products available in store*
The following instructions apply to silver and most gold jewellery. If your jewellery contains pearls, turquoise, opals or coral do not submerge in silver dip. Instead use our ‘delicate’ cleaner. Rinse well in warm water and dry carefully. If your jewellery is very old or precious bring it to us for evaluation.
Polished finish: Use silver dip (available from us – follow the manufacturer’s instructions) rinse well in warm water. Dry carefully and rub with a jewellery cloth. If your polished piece of jewellery is very scratched bring or send it to us for re-polishing.
Matt/satin finish: Use silver dip; An abrasive such as a green Scotchbrite scourer may be used gently to restore a matt finish. Rinse well in warm water and dry carefully.

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