Pink Tourmaline Scatter Dress Ring


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SKU: 96000245


An unusual dress ring in 18ct yellow gold featuring pink tourmaline and diamonds from a clients old jewellery. Our brief was to recycle the stones and 18ct yellow gold from a traditional ring and bracelet of sentimental value which was not to the clients taste and to transform them into a ring and pendant that she would love wearing every day. The design themes we took that the client already liked were from our “nugget” collection for the pendant and our range of “scatter” eternity rings where the stones appear quite literally scattered around the ring. Because of the size of the larger tourmalines they were given their own settings which were joined together to continue the scatter pattern. the smaller pink tourmalines and diamonds were flush set into the ring shank as in the original eternity ring design.

Commission your own pink tourmaline dress ring

We always have a collection of pink tourmaline cabochons and faceted stones in the workshop waiting to be set. Pink tourmaline comes in a range of pinks from a pale baby pink through to a rich pink to the reddish tones that are known as “Rubalite”. Rubalite because it is often used in its large cabochon form as a substitute for ruby. which ever tone you choose it’s a beautiful gemstone.

If it’s the design of this ring that you like not the colours then remember that we also work in white metals, silver gold and platinum and in any gemstone or diamond of your choice. Just fill in the enquiry form below with your requirements and an indication of the designs that you like on this website. Our designer will contact you with our ideas and once the design has been agreed it can be hand made for you in our Ditchling workshops in roughly four weeks.

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