Aquamarine Diamond Moi Et Toi Earrings

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SKU: 60000446-AQ


Aquamarine Diamond Moi Et Toi Earrings in platinum. Our favourite design in platinum, aquamarine and FVS2 GIA certified diamonds, length 30mm. The earrings hinge in the middle to allow the earring post to go though the ear and then be secured with out the need for a loose scroll fitting making then ultra stylish and ultra secure on the ear. A modern interpretation of the symbolic intertwining design with the two stones representing you and your partner.

Made to order in 2-4 weeks, these Aquamarine Diamond Moi Et Toi Earrings can also be made in other metals and stones.

Other combinations include sapphire and diamond in platinum, and ruby and diamond in 18ct yellow gold.

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