Bespoke Engagement, Wedding, Eternity Ring Set

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Bespoke Engagement, Wedding, Eternity Ring Set. It often comes as a shock that precious metal does not last forever. This is specially so when the item is a ring that is worn with other rings. Even platinum the densest and strongest metal available will wear away after years of continual wearing. 18ct yellow gold and silver will show significant wear after 10 years and platinum after around 20 years of rubbing against another ring. This can be distressing when it is your much loved and carefully chosen Bespoke Engagement, Wedding, Eternity Ring Set and the jeweller who made them is no longer trading. At Pruden and Smith we can recreate or redesign what is left of your rings using all the same metals and stones to maintain the sentimental value of your original wedding rings.

This Unusual Bespoke Engagement, Wedding, Eternity Ring Set was inspired by a much loved worn out engagement ring.

The rings are made in yellow and white gold. Each is 3mm wide. the central band or engagement ring features a 3mm round diamond, the two colour eternity ring three pave set diamonds. All rings have a signature twist that appears as a spiral when the rings are put together.

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