Blue Sapphire Bracelet with rough silver discs


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SKU: 20000180


An unusual blue sapphire bracelet. The sapphire is in it’s rough state cut into disc shapes. It exhibits subtle blue grey shades from dark navy blue to pale sky blue. Blacks and greys appear as spots and stripes. These hand cut sapphire rough beads are strung with handmade hammered silver discs. The standard length is 7.25″ for these bracelets. please specify when ordering if you would like a different length which will be charged pro-rata.

Earrings and Necklacess are available to match your blue sapphire bracelet

We also have a pink sapphire version of this bracelet which has pale opaque pinks purples and blues. Available as a jewellery set of necklace, bracelet and earrings.

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