Court Wedding Ring 8mm Peened Platinum


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SKU: 13000189


A court wedding ring which is curved on the top surface and also on the inner surface. This makes the ring very comfortable to wear, even on a wide ring like this one. The ring pictured is made in platinum which is very hard so keeps the hammered finish for a long time. The hammered finish on this ring is called “peening”. It is done with a rounded ended “ball peen” hammer. This gives a much finer hammer mark than our usual “planished” finish hammering style.

Order your court wedding ring today and have it within 1 week.

It will be hand made in our Ditchling workshops in Sussex.

Our court wedding bands are available from widths of 1.5mm up to 12mm in silver, gold. palladium and platinum. We have a variety of finishes that you can choose from. Different styles of hammering, bright finish, matt finish etc.

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