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We highly recommend Connoisseurs tiny vibrating sonic cleaner for removing dirt from your jewellery, especially from behind precious gemstones and diamonds. When you try to remove this with a brush or Q Tip there is a risk of damaging the setting. The vibrations of the tiny tank gently remove even the most stubborn dirt. If you also want to remove tarnish then use it with a bottle of formula (one sachet comes free with your sonic bath purchase) requires 4x AAA batteries – not included.

Choose Jewellery Dips from:

“Jewellery Cleaner”: for Gold, Platinum, Diamonds and Precious Stones (not for pearls or similar delicate stones-usually opaque instead of transparent) (We find that this solution also works on silver)

“Delicate Jewellery Cleaner”: for semi-precious gemstones, pearls and costume jewellery

Each 8fld oz (236ml) pot comes with it’s own dipping tray and brush.  Simply place your jewellery on the dipping tray and immerse in the liquid for 30 seconds. Brush, Rinse and Dry with a lint free cloth

Jewellery Cleaning Solutions made by Connoisseurs are available in store only. Sorry this item cannot be sent out by post.

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