Reticulated Organic Wedding Rings

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Our Reticulated Organic Wedding Rings and Partnership Rings are available to order in a variety of shapes, widths and metals.

Reticulated Organic Wedding Rings and Partnership Rings

These beautiful and unusual rings are really popular as Wedding or Partnership Rings and are designed for either men or women. The reticulated finish is created by using a special heating process that creates a texture on the surface of the metal. It has a wonderful organic feel to it that is unlike any other type of texturing. These unusual textured rings are ideal for couples wanting to have matching wedding or partnership bands without them having to be exactly the same width or shape. In addition to the different metal choices, we can also customise this ring by setting diamonds into the surface. The addition of diamonds would make this a really unusual eternity ring, or even a combined wedding and engagement ring for someone only wanting to wear a single ring.

In our gallery we have samples of each of the different styles of reticulated ring to browse and try on. If you are looking for the perfect partnership rings and would like to try on different styles, book an free consultation with one of our designers.

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