Signet Ring Yellow Gold with Shield Seal Engraving

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Signet Ring Yellow Gold with Shield Seal Engraving..

A yellow gold signet ring reverse engraved with a family crest featuring a heraldic shield with a hedgehog motif. It is traditional to engrave the seal in reverse so that the wax impression (shown below) shows the design off the right way round. If you do not wish to use the ring in this way we can also surface engrave the design onto the ring so that the motif on the ring is the right way round.

If you do not know your family crest it is easy to search on-line or on a “crest-finder” site. You don’t need to use a traditional heraldic crest, you can make up your own design or monogram. We can do artwork for you based on your original idea.

Engraving Prices start from:

Deep seal engraving, from £320.00 per ring
Surface engraving, from £100.00 per ring

Choose your traditional or contemporary signet ring design in silver, 9ct or 18ct white, yellow or rose gold or platinum and email us for a quote today with your engraving ideas. Your ring will be made for you in approximately 6 weeks.

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