Silver Gold Aquamarine Nugget Ring


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A Silver Gold Aquamarine Nugget Ring. The silver “nugget” or beaded ring shank is 3mm wide. The aquamarine measures 6x4mm and is set in an 18ct yellow gold rub-over setting. An unusual fun ring, great for birthdays and anniversaries. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. You can order this ring in any of the birthstones just choose from the drop down list.

Birthstones vary between cultures and traditions but here are a few cost effective ideas: January-Garnet, February-Amethyst, March-Aquamarine, April-White Topaz instead of diamond, May-Zavorite instead of Emerald, June-Moonstone, July-Carnelian, August-Peridot, September-Lapis Lazuli instead of Sapphire, October-pink tourmaline, November-Citrine, December-Turquoise.


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