Jewellery Valuations

Whats it worth? More importantly what would you do if you lost it?

More than ever, insurance companies are insisting on professional jewellery valuations for high-value and specified items, including jewellery, watches and silverware. Having an up-to-date jewellery valuation is vital to ensure that your insurance policy covers your possessions adequately. Insurance valuations are based on how much it would cost to replace your jewellery in the UK at today’s costs including VAT.

Only a certified valuer can issue a valuation certificate. A jewellery valuer from the Guild of Valuers and Jewellers visits our Gallery for a whole day during the week every few months. You can book an appointment and play a part in your jewellery being valued. This can be very interesting as the valuer can reveal a lot of intriguing facts about your jewellery as you discuss it’s history together. Where it is difficult to date one of your items your information on the jewellery’s heritage can be enlightening. See upcoming dates HERE

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Your jewellery valuation includes:

An expert description and valuation of each item.
A comprehensive portfolio with digital images.
Proof of ownership.
Free registration on the secure e-register™ database. This gives you a personal secure log-in to your online valuation. The online valuation document can speed up both recovery of the item or your insurance claim by making the descriptions immediately available to police and loss adjusters in the event of a loss or fire.

What to bring:

Your jewellery to be valued, of course but the following can help value a piece:

Original packaging

Original receipt

Diamond certificates

Customs or import documentation

A copy of any previous valuations

Repair documents


Cost is scaled on your total collection value. A non transferable or nonrefundable deposit of £49 is required for any booking. This includes a valuation for a collection of up to £1000. Costs for every extra £1000 in value over this is charged at £10-20 varying with the total value of the collection. Further percentage discounts are applied as you reach higher values. We also offer discounts on any jewellery made by us.

How to book your jewellery valuations:

In store jewellery valuation

See  our calendar for our next valuation day. Phone for an appointment stating your preferred time (allow 10 mins per item- a maximum of 5 per standard half hour appointment. Please book a double appointment if you are bringing more than five items. Alternatively extra items bought in on the day can be left to be added to your valuation at the end of the day.

If you cannot personally attend the appointment with your jewellery you can leave it with us prior to the valuation day and collect it once it has been valued.

Home Jewellery Valuations

If you have a large and valuable collection of jewellery you may feel more comfortable having the valuer visit you at home. You are also not limited to a time slot. Home valuations can be booked as a half day or full day. Phone or email us to book.

Postal Jewellery Valuations

If you need a valuation in a hurry, for example a valuation for probate, we offer a postal service or personal delivery service (depending on the insurance value of the items) to the Guild of Valuers & Jewellers that can be used at any time.

Valuation of silverware and watches

When valuers study they choose an area to become expert in. The valuer that attends our valuation days is a specialist in precious jewellery. As a member of the Guild of Valuers we have access to valuers who specialise in other areas. Once our valuer has had the item in his presence he can photograph the item and it’s distinguishing marks so that he can confer with one of his collegues who has specialised in that particular area. The valuation for these items are generally issued within the week rather than on the day

Scrap metal valuations

You do not need a valuer to give you a quote for any scrap precious metal that you wish to sell or have made into something else. We can test this at any time for you in house. If there is an item that we feel has intrinsic value and should not be melted down we will tell you and refer you to our valuer first so you can take an informed decision about whether to proceed.


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