Model Making

Model making in precious metals is done by carving a wax or pewter master from which any number of casts can be taken in silver, gold or platinum. Have a favourite object represented in a precious metal: School, and corporate emblems, business logos, your car, plane, boat, pet, symbols and sculptures. The Ardingly School Pelican transposed from a sculpture in the school grounds to a silver charm given as a leaver’s gift. The rod of Asclepius is available for sale. They both measure only 20mm and show the level of detail that can be achieved. Working from the original, a drawing or photographs and your direction we make either a scale model or artists interpretation in metal or wax.
Once the model has been seen and agreed upon, with any alterations required, it can be reproduced in any quantity in any precious metal as cufflinks, pins, brooches, earrings or simply as a beautiful object.


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