Do you have gemstones in beautiful blues that you want to remodel into stunning contemporary pieces of jewellery? If you are thinking of redesigning your old jewellery, why not start by browsing ideas by colours you have. Here, we have compiled a selection of our bespoke blue gemstone jewellery handmade using our client’s own gemstones.

Blues in all shades ranging from deep indigo to pale, sky blue look wonderful in all types of jewellery. In particular, sapphires, tanzanites and aquamarines are the most popular blue gemstones which make fantastic central gemstones.

About Blue Gemstone Jewellery

Blue gemstones are said to have many healing properties and they correspond to the throat chakra. Consequently, the healing world associates the stunning blues in these cherished gemstones with communication and clarity. Therefore, blue gemstone jewellery is said to help resolve conflict and to speak from the heart.

The icy, clear shine of aquamarine looks beautiful in our contemporary, unusual designs in platinum and silver. Furthermore, have you seen the hues of deep violet and blues in tanzanite in our popular wide cuff bangle? We make unusual handmade rings, pendants, bangles and earrings featuring gemstones in all shades of blue. Consequently, there are so many options for redesigning your old jewellery and if you already have blue gemstones then you’re at a great place to start! Our skilled team can advise and guide you in our free consultation service. Just pop in to visit our Ditchling gallery and workshops or call 01273 846338 to book an appointment.


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