Multicoured Gemstone Jewellery

Gold is timeless, and always a beautiful option for bespoke jewellery. Are you already a fan of the rich, warm gold tones of 9ct, 18ct or 22ct yellow gold? If so, you can browse our collection of bespoke gold jewellery made with our customers’ own materials and stones. Alternatively, if you don’t usually wear gold but have unused or inherited old gold jewellery, why not explore the possibilities? Its never too late to try something new.

Gold can be extremely diverse. For example, our unusual, contemporary designs uniquely combine silver and yellow gold to create contrast. This is a great option to make both the beautiful gold tones and the white and silver tones stand out. Two tone jewellery gives a contemporary and modern feel to your jewellery. Alternatively, you can combine gold with any colourful gemstone for a truly stunning piece. Browse our website for ideas by colours you have, or pop into our Ditchling workshops and gallery in Sussex for more inspiration.

Gold tones give a lovely warmth to jewellery. Furthermore, rose gold is becoming very popular in current jewellery trends. The gorgeous pink tones complement other metals, so don’t feel like you’re limited to choosing just one metal.

Redesigning old jewellery is also a creative, personal and ethical process as it means that no more metal has to be mined. We can make unique gold rings, earrings, bangles and pendants out of your existing gold to conserve precious sentimental value. However, if you love the warmth of gold tones but don’t already have any gold to remodel, we can source some for your bespoke piece.


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