Are you looking for inspiration for bespoke, unusual and contemporary gemstone jewellery in greens of all shades? You have come to the right place! Here, we have created a selection of our bespoke handmade green gemstone jewellery all made using our customers’ own stones or metals. The beautiful greens in these pieces of jewellery make them truly unique and special.

Green is a colour that has forever symbolised the beauty of nature and the vitality of life. Our organic, unusual designs showcase peridots, amethysts and green tourmaline ranging from vibrant, citrusy greens to dark earthy tones. For example, tourmaline and peridot set in 18ct yellow gold has a beautiful warm, honey look. On the other hand, cooler tones of green amethyst and emerald look timeless set in platinum, white gold or silver. If you have old jewellery, we can recycle your unwanted metals in your new piece or contribute it to the making costs.

About Green Gemstone Jewellery

The healing world says that green gemstones correspond to the heart chakra. Furthermore, hey are said to have a connection with prosperity and nature. Consequently, this means that green gemstones have been used for good luck and for matters relating to the heart. Indeed, green is the colour of growth and fresh beginnings. Why not add a splash of green jewellery to your collection for a reminder of nature, renewal and balance?

Our skilled team can create your perfect bespoke piece of jewellery, handmade in our Ditchling workshops in Sussex. If you have a mix of coloured gemstones, why not browse our other sections grouped by what colours you have? So many options are available for you: rings, earrings, bangles, pendants and much more. For example, emerald stacking rings are a brilliant idea if you have multiple small emeralds. Their natural, organic look with the hammer marks left in perfectly complements the earthy greens of emerald. Alternatively, if you have a large emerald or peridot, why not set it in an usual, contemporary pendant?


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