Grey & Blacks

Are you looking for ideas to redesign your old jewellery and gemstones in alluring shades of grey and blacks? Here, we have compiled our range of bespoke jewellery using our clients’ own stones for ideas by colours you have. Grey and black gemstones are unique and create beautiful, contemporary and unusually jewellery. If you’re looking for something sophisticated and stylish these subtle tones are stunning. However, not all jewellery in grey and blacks has to be subtle. For example, you can cherish bold statement rings and unusual necklaces for special occasions or wear them every day.

Pearls, Sapphires and Black Diamonds

Pearls are some of the most alluring gemstones to be found. Civilisations were mystified and enchanted by their lustrous, mystical shine for centuries. Their ocean origins add to the attraction of this highly prized gem, often symbolising purity or wisdom through experience. Did you know that pearls come in a vast array of colours of dazzling grey and blacks? Furthermore, darker pearls often have a distinctive, usual blue or purple shine to them, giving them even more depth.

Sapphires are another precious gemstone that come in wonderful tones of grey and black. Blue sapphires are highly sought-after and some of the darkest blue sapphires are mesmerising. Sapphires can have different colours depending on what angle you view them from. This makes them a wonderful gemstone for jewellery as it creates a truly unique, interesting and unusual piece.

Finally, black diamond is a stunning option for bespoke jewellery. If you are lucky enough to own some of these, take inspiration from our unusual, contemporary and organic designs. All our jewellery is handmade in our Ditchling workshops in Sussex, where you can find more inspiration. Our skilled team can help best advise you on your perfect bespoke piece of jewellery.

Black and grey gemstones such as pearl, sapphire and black diamond look stunning in silver, platinum or 18ct white gold. Icy tones look contemporary in cool silvers, whereas gold makes the colours of dark sapphire pop.


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