Pinks& Reds

Looking for bespoke gemstone jewellery that really pops? These unusual, bespoke pieces of jewellery use our clients’ own gemstones in all shades of beautiful orange and reds. Why not add a burst of colour to your jewellery collection with these bright, fiery and colourful stones?
About Red and Orange Gemstone Jewellery
In the healing world, red gemstones correspond to the root chakra. Consequently, this means your red gemstone jewellery offers you vitality, passion and energy.

Rubies, garnets, tourmalines and citrines come in beautiful hues of orange and reds. Red gemstone jewellery is one of the most iconic and timeless trends in jewellery fashion. The deep rich hues of burgundy to bright fuchsia red evoke romance, love and passion. Gemstones in all shades of orange are unique and stunning, for example orange topaz, sapphire and citrine.

If you already have orange and red gemstone jewellery lying in a box unworn, this is your opportunity to redesign. Here at Pruden and Smith, we can recycle your old gemstones and metals into handmade, contemporary new designs. Furthermore, not only a great ethical option, this also cherishes your sentimental memories, creating a truly special piece. Indeed, the possibilities are endless when it comes to redesigning jewellery. For example, rings, earrings, bangles and pendants with gemstones in fiery orange and reds can brighten up your daily wear. Alternatively, you can wear them on special occasions for an eye-catching piece in a contemporary, unique design.

To complement your colourful precious gemstones, why not choose 18ct rose or yellow gold to highlight their soft, warm tones. This creates an autumnal feel, beautiful for all seasons to warm up your colour palette of jewellery or clothing. Alternatively, orange and reds look timeless in silver, platinum or 18ct white gold. Moreover, we can turn a classic ruby ring into an array of organic, unusual and contemporary designs. Overall, using your own gemstones and being involved in the remaking process guarantees you a beautifully unique piece of jewellery.


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