Purples & Pinks

Are you attracted to the gorgeous purples and pinks of amethysts, pink tourmalines, rubies and sapphires? Here, we have created a selection of our bespoke handmade jewellery made from our customers’ own purple and pink gemstones. If you already own old jewellery or any precious gemstones, why not redesign them into stunning new contemporary pieces? Have a browse to get more inspiration and ideas by colours you have.

Purple and pink gemstones are some of the most popular gemstones in jewellery fashion trends. From soft pinks of pink tourmaline to the rich violet or pale lilac of amethyst, these gemstones look enchanting. Our skilled team can set them in 18ct yellow, rose or white gold to complement their warm tones. Alternatively, reds, purples and pinks also look stunning in platinum and silver that makes their vibrant colours stand out.

Traditionally regarded as feminine colours, there are a huge range of purples and pinks in jewellery that is wildly popular. This means that these precious gemstones are great for combining into one piece or set of jewellery.  For example, our bespoke multi-coloured sapphire stacking ring is an exquisite example of complementing warm colours. We have many unusual and contemporary designs to suit all tastes. However, if you want to design something completely unique, just book a free consultation appointment with one of our designers. If you love these colour combinations but don’t have any of your own precious gemstones, our skilled team can help.

About Pink and Purple Gemstone Jewellery

People often associate pink gemstones with love and affection and they make great jewellery gifts. In the healing world, purple gemstones are used for purification and detoxification. Some associate them with healing and detoxifying the body. If you’re searching for the perfect gift, pink and purple jewellery is a beautiful sign of your love! Whether for your loved one’s birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, these colours always symbolise love.


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