White & Silver Tones

Are you attracted to the beautiful white and silver tones of cool platinum, silver and warm 18ct white gold? If you have any of these precious metals lying in your jewellery box unworn, why not redesign them? Here at Pruden and Smith, we specialise in redesigning customers’ own unused materials into contemporary, unusual and bespoke new jewellery.

Silver is one of the most iconic metals and colours in jewellery fashion trends and has been for centuries. Its malleability makes it a wonderfully diverse metal to create into rings, earrings, pendants or bracelets. All our bangles for example are made in solid silver or platinum, rather than being hollow. This makes them sturdy to ensure they do not bend with time and gives them a lovely weight. Another great thing about working with silver is the beautiful hammering finishes that can be left on the surface. For instance, you can choose from a smooth highly polished finish, to a matt or brushed finish.

White gold is another stunning choice for bespoke, contemporary jewellery. 9ct white gold has a much softer, warmer tone than silver and platinum. It looks wonderful with gemstones such as pearls or diamonds to emphasise the white and silver tones.

The white and silver tones of platinum, silver and white gold symbolise purity and calm. Jewellery using these metals alone radiates sophistication. Sometimes simple designs are the most striking. Jewellery without any gemstones shows off the craftsmanship and beauty of the metal and design.  If you’re looking for something unique and personal to you, redesigning your old jewellery is a great idea. Pop in to browse more of our unusual, contemporary jewellery in white and silver tones, or book a free design consultation on 01273 846338.


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