Ideas: Gold and Mixed Metals

Our bespoke, platinum, silver, yellow, rose and white gold jewellery incorporates our clients’ own metals in contemporary and unusual designs. in all ranges of styles to suit each individual preference. Redesigning your own jewellery honours sentimental memories of loved ones or events as well as being an ethical option. This is because there is no need to mine more metals or gemstones. Furthermore, it is fun, personalised and cost effective. Get inspired with ideas of gold and mixed metals that we can recycle into stunning earrings, bangles, pendants and rings.

Firstly, come in for a free consultation with our designers to discuss your vision for your redesigned jewellery using your ideas, gold and mixed metals. Next, we will check and test your jewellery and record every item in an inventory. It doesn’t matter what condition your jewellery is in. Our skilful team can melt down and mill your old metal into new sheet and wire in our Ditchling workshops. Additionally, we can even incorporate materials of no value other than that they are special to you.

Rose gold is experiencing huge popularity recently as a contemporary and fashionable metal. Its gorgeous pink tones work well with all coloured gemstones as well as complementing gold and silver. If you’ve never thought of combining metals or different shades of gold in one piece of jewellery, have a look. Browse our three colour rose, yellow gold and silver jewellery which showcases the rich colours of each metal and is booming in latest fashion trends. Our two-colour hammered range can even include your special metals such as 9ct or 18ct gold (rose, white, yellow). We can hammer this onto a silver or gold bangle or ring to make a truly original and personal piece.

Why not add some engraving or diamonds too?


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