Bespoke Silverware

We once stocked a much larger range of silverware when we were hand making more silverware than jewellery from our Ditchling workshops in Sussex. Silver Tableware in our archive can now be supplied only as a bespoke silverware commission. This is an archive of our favourite pieces once supplied to Mappin and Webb, Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, Nieman Marcus and Takeshimaya. To places as diverse as New York, London, Tokyo, San Francisco and The Channel Islands.

We are happy to produce these pieces whenever we have enough orders for them. From time to time they may be available off the shelf.

We are also happy to design something new for you. Please email our designer Rebecca Smith with your requirements. This service is particularly ideal for corporate gifts and awards and trophies.

Our minimum order is 10 for small items. 6 for medium items (candlesticks, goblets).  1 for large items.


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