April Birthstone Jewellery - Diamond

Diamond, the most renowned and sought-after precious gemstone in the world, is the birthstone that represents April birthstone jewellery. Diamond is an exquisite precious gemstone that looks beautiful in all jewellery; especially our unusual rings, earrings, bangles, pendants. Are you looking for a truly memorable birthday gift that holds special significance to your loved ones born in April? Our handmade, contemporary April birthstone jewellery in diamond could be the perfect option.

History of Diamond

Throughout history, diamond has universally symbolised eternal love and marriage. This timeless gemstone takes its name from the ancient Greek ‘adamas’ meaning unbreakable, thus reflecting its extreme hardness. Diamonds also symbolise strength and beauty and civilisations have treasured them for millennia. They were traded as early as the fourth century BCE in India. People gathered them from rivers and streams, and they became a priceless gemstone which the royalty and the wealthy coveted.

While diamonds are extremely sought-after, they are not in fact the rarest gemstone. Contrary to this frequent misconception, we find diamond in many regions around the world. Historically, Brazil and India have been the largest sources of diamond, nowadays diamond mining is rising on the African continent.

Despite their association with marriage and engagement, diamonds represent so much more. April birthstone jewellery uses the toughest gemstone. Only one element, carbon, constitutes diamond. It has an incredibly strong structure that can only be cut with other diamonds. Therefore, this makes them perfect to wear everyday as well as on special occasions.

In addition, the clarity and brilliance of diamonds make them a perfect choice for timeless, contemporary jewellery. However, diamonds aren’t all clear and they exist in many other shades spanning from yellow, brown, red and even green. These range in intensity and are sometimes of a much higher value than colourless diamonds.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option for April birthstone jewellery why not browse our unusual, organic look rough cut diamond range? Incorporating natural, less glittery diamonds, they’re perfect for everyday wear and have a unique contemporary look.

Call our designer today and have your April Birthstone Jewellery – Diamond handmade and delivered in four weeks


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