January Birthstone Jewellery - Garnet

The stunning garnet represents January birthstone jewellery. The rich dark red hues that range from rust to deep violet characterise this beautiful, diverse stone. However, garnet also comes in an extraordinary range of colours including fiery orange and deep green. The name ‘garnet’ originates from Latin ‘garanatus’. This means seed-like, referring to the crimson red colour of small garnets that look like pomegranate seeds.

Garnet jewellery dates all the way back to ancient Egypt around 3000 BC. Necklaces dazzling with garnets and other jewels adorned pharaohs. Furthermore, mummified corpses were entombed with red garnets as prized possessions. These still exist today, proving the hardness and durability of the bright gemstones. The ancient Romans also treasured garnets. They carved and set them in signet rings to stamp wax to seal important documents.

The deep red hues of garnet look stunning when paired with gold or a mix of gold and silver. For example, our garnet silver and gold nugget necklace. Garnets can be cut to unusual geometric shapes. This gives them a unique, contemporary feel and they work brilliantly with other precious gemstones. Pop into our Ditchling gallery and workshops in Sussex where we make our unusual handmade jewellery.

This deep burgundy stone is the perfect birthstone for January babies as garnet represents health, prosperity and friendship. Why not gift a beautiful garnet ring or pendant to a close friend you really value as a symbol of your friendship?

About Garnet

Bohemia was once the primary source of red garnets, formerly a part of Czechoslovakia. This region had a rich industry of mining, cutting and polishing garnets which decorated Bohemian castles and churches. Nowadays, Brazil, India and Sri Lanka are the main sources of garnets. On the other hand, Kenya and Madagascar are the largest sources of green garnets.

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