June Birthstone Jewellery - Pearl

Pearl is the stunning gem that represents June birthstone jewellery. Pearl is a totally unique gemstone as it is the only one that is formed inside a living organism. This versatile organic gem with all its unique properties makes it a wonderful June birthstone gift for birthdays or anniversaries. They come in so many shapes and forms; there are styles to suit all tastes. Classically, pearls exude grace and sophistication. The iconic string of white pearls remains a timeless and beloved feature to any woman’s jewellery collection. However, nowadays with the stunning range of colours that cultured pearls offer, there is truly something for everyone. For example, modern black pearls shine with a contemporary twist.

About Pearl

Pearls derive from within the tissue of living saltwater or freshwater mollusc. This occurs in a natural or instigated process when a grain of sand or impurity enters the shell. The oyster or mussel then secretes a substance called nacre which gathers around the impurity. This creates a single pearl.

This connection to the ocean and the mystical wonders of nature has given the pearl a legendary status. The pearl symbolises purity, love and innocence and in times past, people connected them to goddesses of love including Aphrodite. Across all cultures in the past, there are many tales reciting how people thought pearls formed. For example, Persian mythology regarded them as ‘tears of the gods’. On the other hand, in ancient China, legends spanned from claiming the moon, or even dragon brains gave pearls their celestial glow. Alternatively, they thought these translucent, gleaming beads came from the brains of dragons.

Nowadays most pearls are cultured, with human intervention. Farmers harvest pearls in protected pearl farms. The southern coasts of China and Japan are the site of the majority of Akoya cultured pearl farms.

Colourful pearls are hugely popular in recent fashion trends. For example, the unique shades of pale pink, lilac, green, gold and black pearls look stunning in jewellery. Pop into our Ditchling gallery and workshops to see all our June birthstone jewellery pearl ranges. We handmake contemporary and unusual jewellery with freshwater and saltwater cultured pearls to suit all budgets.

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