May Birthstone Jewellery - Emerald

The captivating emerald represents May birthstone jewellery. What better stone to celebrate May babies born in the heart of spring than emerald, symbolising rejuvenation, love and fertility? Emerald’s attractive shades of green look wonderful in silver and gold. We handmake all our unusual May birthstone jewellery with emerald in our Ditchling workshops. Additionally, we often have a selection of gemstones for viewing if you’re searching for an extra special bespoke piece.

History of Emeralds

Emerald has captured the hearts of civilisations and jewellery wearers for centuries. Ancient Egyptians treasured emeralds. They mummified and buried monarchs wearing emerald on their necks to symbolise eternal youth. Furthermore, Cleopatra had a passion for the beautiful gemstone and owned all the emerald mines in Egypt to use for her royal adornments. On the other side of the world, Colombia’s Muzo Indians prized their emerald mines. They hid them so well that Spanish conquistadors did not discover them for over twenty years.

Since antiquity, royalty and the wealthy have cherished emerald for its deep rich green colour. We judge emeralds, like diamonds, according to the 4Cs: colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. Colour is important when selecting an emerald, the darkest most vivid green emeralds are rare and highly sought after. The emerald cut is popular as it makes a bright stone sparkle as well as minimising inclusions or fissure. This maximises the gemstone’s stunning and desirable green colour.

For a more unusual, organic look, get inspired by our beautiful Brazilian rough emerald range. We set the emerald with gold vermeil that shows off the stunning range of different green shades in rough emerald.

Great gifts for a loved one’s birthday, why not show your appreciation for the May babies close to your heart? A stunning green emerald ring or pair of earrings symbolises love and happiness for the spring month.

Call our designer today and have your May Birthstone Jewellery – Emerald handmade and delivered in four weeks


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