October Birthstone Jewellery - Tourmaline

Tourmaline represents our beautiful October birthstone jewellery. Around the world we cherish tourmaline for its dazzling rainbow array of colours. Tourmaline comes in nearly every colour from intense pink, amber and yellow to rich greens, violets and black. Consequently, it is a hugely popular and fashionable gemstone and one of our personal favourites at Pruden and Smith. Pop into our Ditchling gallery and workshops to browse for beautiful handmade October birthstone jewellery gifts, showcasing explosions of colour.

About Tourmaline

The world’s leading source of tourmalines is Brazil, where people have found them for hundreds of years. The recent discovery of the ‘Paraiba tourmaline’ in Paraiba, Brazil in the 1990s created a huge resurgence in tourmaline popularity. As a result, these mines revealed some of the most beautiful, highly saturated tourmaline gemstones. Specifically, these incredible gems are neon in their intense bright green, blue and violet coloration.

Another hugely popular and stunning parti-coloured tourmaline variety is the ‘watermelon tourmaline’. This contains both pink and green shades in a beautiful and attractive gemstone that resembles the hues of a watermelon.

No other gemstone offers such an impressively diverse range of colours. Therefore, tourmaline is a great choice for October birthstone jewellery gifts as it will enchant jewellery wearers of all tastes.

Our Roman inspired collection of tourmalines and 18ct yellow gold showcases the diversity of colour this gemstone boasts. In addition, this range reflects the legacy of this precious stone fit for royalty. Their colourfulness also means they look fantastic set in both silver and gold or with other gemstones. For example, we can set them in a scattered design in a ring or bangle. This is a wonderful way of adding a burst of colour to daily jewellery or spicing up for special occasions.

People attach different symbolism to each tourmaline variety. For example, pink tourmaline embodies love and compassion and green tourmaline symbolises strength and growth.

Call our designer today and have your October Birthstone Jewellery – Tourmaline handmade and delivered in four weeks


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