September Birthstone Jewellery - Sapphire

Sapphire represents our unusual and contemporary September birthstone jewellery. Sapphire is a stunning and endlessly diverse precious gemstone that makes up one of the big 4. Jewellery wearers adore sapphire for their dazzling shades of blue, ranging from pale sky hues to deep indigo. The most prized colour is rich cornflower blue.

About Sapphire

Differences in the levels of impurities in the mineral that makes sapphire called corundum leads to the rainbow of hues and different colours that this gemstone boasts. This makes sapphire a brilliant, diverse gift option for September babies and colour lovers. Other tints of sapphire include pink, purple, orange, grey and green. Consequently, these are all called fancy sapphires.

History of Sapphire

For centuries, people have long associated this royal gemstone with royalty and nobility. Indeed, the term ‘royal blue’ originated when kings employed jewellers to adorn their rings with this deep blue gemstone. Furthermore, the connotations of blue, the sky and the heavens, cemented the admiration for this precious gemstone in ancient times. As a result, people believed that sapphires warded off evil and protected the wearer from harm.

September birthstone jewellery with dazzling sapphires truly is abundant with symbolism of peace, nobility and truth. Indeed, sapphire birthstone jewellery is a great way to celebrate your loved ones’ birth and life.

Due to the beautiful colouring of sapphires as well as their extreme durability, sapphires were extremely popular in the Victorian period. In particular, people cherished sapphires in engagement rings as a symbol of their love. To this day, sapphire engagement rings continue to be a huge trend in jewellery fashion.

If you’re looking for more unique and unusual September birthstone jewellery, our handmade contemporary collections include colourful rough cut sapphire. We string these natural, organic shapes into stunning bracelets and necklaces in our Ditchling workshops.

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