Diamond Nugget Jewellery

Are you looking for stunning, unusual and contemporary diamond jewellery? Our diamond nugget jewellery range fuses beautiful, understated design with materials that will last a lifetime. Browse here for some unique, organic form designs that you won’t see on the high street.

Diamond Nugget Jewellery

The beauty of this range stems from the organic feel that the silver and gold nuggets give with their rugged surface. Combined with stunning diamonds, this results in rings, pendants and earrings that have a natural yet luxurious look. Notably, our hand-carved 9ct or 18ct yellow gold nugget rings with diamonds are out of the ordinary and look fantastic. Equally, our silver nugget jewellery looks beautiful set with diamonds, and you could even incorporate aquamarines as well.

Out nugget range is diverse and can suit all tastes. For example, if you love the beaded look that nuggets give but prefer a smoother finish, we can polish it. Furthermore, there are so many options for the diamonds you wish to incorporate in your jewellery. Some of our designs incorporate old cut or rough cut diamonds which perfectly complement the organic feel of our nuggets. Alternatively, if the sparkle of brilliant round cut diamonds attracts you, we can polish the nuggets for an immaculate look.

Diamond set nugget earrings are a beautiful addition to any jewellery lovers’ jewellery box. We offer many different sizes of earstuds which you can enjoy every day or save for special occasions. Furthermore, this variety means that diamond nugget earstuds make wonderful gifts as their simple sophistication suits all tastes.

Our diamond nugget collection is unique to Pruden and Smith as we handmake each nugget individually in our Ditchling workshops. Furthermore, we offer a free design consultation service so if you don’t see exactly what you like, you can commission a bespoke piece. Pop into our Ditchling workshops and gallery for more inspiration or contact our designers to book an appointment today.


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