Gemstone Mix Nugget Jewellery

Our gemstone mix nugget jewellery combines our classic, timeless nugget ranges with your favourite, colourful gemstones in contemporary designs. As a result, this collection is hugely diverse and popular, featuring sapphires, rubies, aquamarines, amethysts and more. If you are looking for something sophisticated and adaptable with a splash a colour, this is the perfect range. Indeed, gemstone mix nugget jewellery fuses creative design in affordable jewellery you can enjoy every day and on special occasions.

If you love a certain gemstone, we’re sure to have a nugget range which features it. For example, we have silver nugget bracelets and necklaces incorporating amethyst, aquamarine, peridot and more. Therefore, this range makes wonderful gifts – if you know your loved one’s favourite gemstone you can buy them a collection!

Recently, we have made more bespoke designs using our popular nuggets in combination with our clients’ own gemstones. For example, we can set silver or gold nugget rings with your favourite gemstones for a fun, colourful dress ring.

Another new design is our gemstone nugget cufflinks which have an organic and luxurious feel to them. Furthermore, the yellow gold beautifully complements the rich honey coloured citrine we set in the gold cufflinks. Likewise, aquamarine and silver is a stunning combination so you can choose whether you prefer cooler or warmer shades.

We handmake all our unusual, contemporary designs in our Ditchling workshops in Sussex. Furthermore, if you’re looking for something extra special, why not commission your own piece? Pop into our Ditchling workshops where we handmake each individual nugget and browse our gallery for our latest nugget designs.


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