Rough Hammered Textured Jewellery

Our organic look and unusual rough hammered textured jewellery is handmade in 925 sterling hallmarked silver and gold plated (vermeil). It features gemstones that have been purposefully rough hewn and the metal is hammered to give a found quality to the collection. If you want to step away from the traditional, our rough hammered solid silver, platinum or gold rings have a unique look with the matte hammered finish and our contemporary hammered two tone range sparkles whilst showing off the distinctive hammer marks left in. Our skilled team of designers and jewellery makers can even incorporate your own materials of sentimental value into a piece of jewellery such as a ring or bangle by hammering your gold onto a band for a unique, unusual and organic design.

If you aren’t attracted to glittery, polished jewellery, brushed finishes or matte finishes as well as distinctive hammering styles on silver and gold rings and bangles create a beautiful, unusual texture to give your jewellery more of a found, organic quality. These interesting metalwork techniques are often employed in men’s jewellery for their emphasis on the surface of the metal rather than its shininess, however this is not just a trend in men’s fashion but is popular across all stylish, contemporary jewellery designs.

Rough cut gemstones give a beautiful organic look to any piece of jewellery and we can source gemstones precious or significant to you, such as your birthstone, for a unique bespoke piece of jewellery. Just book a free consultation with our designers Rebecca or Suzy at 01273 846338 or pop into our gallery and workshop in Ditchling between London and Brighton where your jewellery will be handmade.


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