Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Our range of emerald cut diamond engagement rings exude classic elegance and are stunningly unique. One of the first cuts jewellers used, the emerald cut is a rectangular shape with truncated corners and a broad and flat plane that resembles stair steps when viewed from above. This gives the emerald cut its alternate name as a ‘step cut’. If you’re looking for a timeless, show-stopping design, our unusual emerald cut diamond engagement rings may appeal to you.

Whilst this cut seems modern, it is in fact one of the oldest diamond shapes in history. They are becoming increasingly popular, perhaps as a result of their sophisticated look.

We handmake all our emerald cut diamond engagement rings range in platinum or 18ct rose, white or yellow gold. Our contemporary and unusual designs range from old, vintage feel styles to striking designs with a modern twist.

History of Emerald Cut diamonds

We have traced the first emerald cut diamond style back to the single table cuts of 500 years ago. The Art Deco period of the early 20th century later made the emerald cut famous and it remains popular today.

The term “emerald cut” only came into use during the Art Deco period. Jewellers developed this cut specifically for emerald gems whose corners and edges were vulnerable to chipping. However, diamond cutters soon realized the beauty of this cut and applied it to diamonds as well.

The emerald usually comprises of 57 facets (with 25 on the crown and 32 on the pavilion), although the number of rows of facets on both the crown and pavilion can vary, altering the total number of facets for this cut. The broad flat plane of the emerald cut diamond highlights the clarity of a diamond and its usually cut from high grade material.

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