Claw Set Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for a timeless classic, claw set engagement rings are a great place to start. This traditional, romantic setting evokes love and holds the diamond in a symbol of commitment. Claw set engagement rings are diverse and very popular. They vary between delicate claw set diamond rings that have almost invisible settings, to stylish and interestingly shaped claws.

For example, claw set diamonds can have either strong geometric shapes or weaving organic forms. Furthermore, our unusual designs incorporate plain settings, or if you love an extra sparkle, we can diamond set them too.

When choosing a claw set ring, ensure it is in platinum, especially if the claw is fine. This is because platinum is the strongest material available for jewellery making and its beautiful white colour perfectly blends with a diamond. When we hand work platinum it becomes even harder, meaning handmade rings are more secure and longer lasting than claws that have been cast.

Diamonds aren’t the only gemstone that can have claw settings. Here at Pruden and Smith, we don’t shy away from bold and creative designs. Colourful sapphires can beautifully symbolise your special relationship and look great claw set in a stunning contemporary design.

Whilst most delicate four or six claw diamond engagement rings have a traditional and elegant look, the possibilities are endless. The claw setting shows off not only the central diamond, but also the unusual structure of the ring. Tulip set engagement rings are a lovely alternative to the classic four claw setting. Their unusual, intricate claws evoke a curvy flower shape and give the ring an organic feel.


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