There is something about the scale of necklaces and pendants that suits our work perfectly. We aim to create bold contemporary design using the best materials available. Our latest favourite signature creations are our silver forged necklaces. Each one is unique but have in common a forged silver wave shape with a finely hammered finish. At their simplest two of these shapes are combined to make a simple stylish pendant. We also make these in 9ct and 18ct yellow or white gold. To create more of a statement we combine the forged pieces with a forged chain and gemstones.  A tension set diamond or row of diamonds looks sensational. Reversing the design to wrap around a large cabochon or carved piece of onyx produces a different unusual effect each time. You will see some of these necklaces and pendants in these sections. We keep a large collection of tanzanite, aquamarine, amethyst and tourmaline in stock waiting to be out next source of inspiration.


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