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Individually handmade, our collections of unusual rings are designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide selection of rings to choose from, its easy to find the perfect ring to suit your style.

Coloured Gemstone 5 min read

Jewellery Using Unusual Gemstones

Rebecca Smith
Ruby Zoisite Tab necklace

Every January I am lucky to spend time with our Gem Cutter in Jaipur, India choosing rough stone and cutting it into new designs for our Jewellery Using Unusual Gemstones.

This year I came across Ruby Zoisite, a vibrant bright green and red to pink gemstone with spotted or striped inclusions. Its one of the most unusual ruby I’ve seen.

unusual bespoke gemstones rubylapis lazuli rough with gold brazilian emerald rough Tigers eye jewellery

Ruby-zoisite is the natural combination of both ruby and zoisite crystals in a single specimen. Ruby-zoisite is also heavily included with black hornblende minerals. Tanzania is the only source for ruby-zoisite. Depending on its primary constituents, ruby-in-zoisite can vary tremendously in color, pattern and hardness. Zoisite provides an earthy green color, while ruby inclusions give it pink and red highlights. Although ruby-zoisite is not fine ruby, it is one of the most colorful ornamental gemstones available.

These necklaces shows the contrasting colours off to the full. 16 inches long with a one inch drop at the front the colourful ruby zoisite is framed with hammered pieces of gold plated silver (vermeil) with a handmade S catch

Ruby Zoisite Tab necklaceRuby Zoisite Collar Necklace

The ruby zoisite fits so well alongside our collections of Rough Emerald, Tigers Eye and Lapis Lazuli. These opaque granular gemstones are perfect for cleaving. Cleaving skilfully is what allows us to to create these pieces that look like the gemstone has not been cut. its actually more difficult to get a good surface on these pieces especially the larger ones than it is to get them smooth. The sides and inside surfaces that touch the skin are polished smooth.

emerald earrings rough brazilianTigers Eye BraceletEmerald earstuds

Rough and Polki diamonds are ubiquitous in Indian wedding jewellery. Set in a contemporary way they lend subtle colour and natural excitement to unusual rings. Like these different staking rings made using them.

Large rough diamond stacking rings Unusual Diamond Stacking Rings jewellery using unusual gemstones

Another unique find for our Jewellery Using Unusual Gemstones this year was Apache gold in cabochon cuts from 10mm up to 40mm. Apache Gold is two tone creating quite a striking contrast. Part “fools gold” named because it is such a bright gold colour. Its real name is Chalcopyrite which is mixed with a black metamorphic rock or “Schist”. It is only found in a mine called “The Big Hole” in Arizona.

Apache Gold Large RingApache Gold Large Dress RingApache Gold Earstuds

Labradorite Silver Ring labradorite pear earrings green Marquise Labradorite Pendant

Labradorite remains one of the most exciting gemstones we use. Its iridescent colours on it’s grey background flashes surprise at every turn.

If you are looking for a really precious Christmas gift that you won’t see everywhere then browse our Jewellery using unusual gemstones.

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