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Individually handmade, our collections of unusual rings are designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide selection of rings to choose from, its easy to find the perfect ring to suit your style.


Gallery and Workshop Tour

Join us for a Workshop Tour, where you will gain insight into the world of a contemporary jeweller – exploring how traditional techniques are used alongside modern technology to create our iconic jewellery collections.

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What will you learn on a Workshop Tour?

Pruden and Smith's old workshop

A brief history of Pruden and Smith

Pruden and Smith was founded in 1988, by Anton Pruden and Rebecca Smith. Beginning as experts in silverware, we moved into award-winning jewellery design and making in the early 2000s – maintaining our heritage as silversmiths and using traditional techniques to influence our designs.

Founder Rebecca Smith at the forge

The forge and finishing room

Enter our forge and finishing space to learn about the techniques used to craft each piece of jewellery. View the equipment used and discover the processes behind each phase of handmade jewellery design – from conceptualisation to creation.

At a jewellers bench sawing into a ring

At the bench

Visit the main workshop area and uncover the methods used to create our jewellery. From hammers and lathes to computers and lasers, view the traditional silversmithing tools that are used alongside modern technology to create our iconic handmade jewellery.

Spiky Engagement Ring

Our jewellery collections and the inspiration behind them

Discover the inspiration behind each of our jewellery collections, designed by Rebecca Smith. The natural world has been a source of influence behind most of the designs, which is visible in the rugged textures, natural shapes, and organic feel of our jewellery.

Purple background with gold earrings

Gallery and Workshop Tour

So what are you waiting for?

Our workshop tours are a great opportunity for those wanting to learn about the processes of handmade jewellery design and making. Book online today.

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