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Individually handmade, our collections of unusual rings are designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide selection of rings to choose from, its easy to find the perfect ring to suit your style.

Customer Stories 2 min read

An Elaborate Cover Up For A Birthday Proposal…

Jen Pruden
Customer Story

Having inherited some jewellery from his grandmother, George opted to use our redesign service to bring a new lease of life into a family heirloom by creating a bespoke engagement ring for his girlfriend of eight years, Hannah.

George had been searching for the perfect engagement ring but not found what he was looking for. That’s when he came across us here at Pruden and Smith. Inspired by the online Gallery of bespoke items created through our redesign service, he booked a design appointment with our Creative Director, Rebecca Smith and opted to remodel the inherited jewellery from his grandmother – turning it into something special and creating a new family heirloom, whilst maintaining its sentimental value.

George brought his Mum along to the design appointment and they sat at the antique silversmithing bench in our Gallery to discuss their ideas with Rebecca, who created an elegant design featuring a solitaire diamond and a thick band with a twist.

The Cover Up After Collection

When the ring was ready for collection, George had to squeeze in a sneaky trip from Gloucestershire to Sussex whilst also visiting Hannah’s Dad all before she got home from work.

When we asked Hannah if she had suspected anything, she explained that “the cat was nearly let out of the bag, as when George drove to Sussex to get the ring the day before, his mum uploaded a photo of him standing in their kitchen on the family WhatsApp chat!! Then this led to elaborate cover up from George to cover his tracks – including changing his clothes and having family try to throw me off the scent!”. When we heard this part of the story, our team were all incredibly impressed with George’s genius idea of changing clothes to say the least!

Customer Story

The Proposal

George surprised Hannah by proposing on her birthday whilst on a walk with their dog, Marvin, near the Bristol suspension bridge – a significant location for the couple as it was the place George first told Hannah he loved her eight years ago.

Hannah shared that “it felt like us against everything” and the moment was made even more memorable as Marvin jumped on George’s knee at the time, which was perfect as she would have wanted him to be part of it.

Like us, Hannah loves her engagement ring and summarised that getting “a bespoke and detailed ‘one-of-a-kind’ diamond ring that has been made especially for me, with family involved in the process, has been really special”.

We wish George and Hannah a very happy engagement and life together and are grateful to have been part of their beautiful love story.

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