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Choosing Jewellery Metals From Gold, Silver and Platinum

Jen Pruden
Choosing Jewellery Metals - Jeweller at bench

In the world of jewellery, one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make is selecting the right metal. This decision is often not about the most expensive or most popular, but rather about finding what truly resonates with your style. This blog post aims to make the process of choosing jewellery metals easier by providing a deep dive into three of the most common metals used in luxury jewellery: goldsilver, and platinum.

Gold: A Timeless Classic

As a benchmark of luxury for thousands of years, gold is a classic choice when it comes to choosing jewellery metals. It's valued not just for its lustre and timelessness, but also for its malleability. This makes it an excellent choice for intricate designs that require a high level of detail.

Gold is available in several types, including yellow goldwhite gold, and rose gold, each carrying a distinctive hue and charm. This range of options means there's a type of gold for everyone.

Silver: The Versatile Choice

Silver is another common choice for jewellery due to its versatility and relative affordability. Its cool, white hue has an understated elegance that can effortlessly complement any attire.

Sterling silver, an alloy that mixes silver with other metals to increase its strength, is a popular choice for everyday pieces, like our recent collaboration we did JenYoga and their silver yoga pendants. As with gold, the malleability of silver makes it an ideal canvas for unusual and iconic designs.

Platinum: Durable and Pure

Choosing platinum means opting for an incredibly durable and pure metal. Its naturally white sheen won't fade over time, making it a great choice for those seeking longevity from their jewellery.

Platinum is also hypoallergenic, making it a safe choice for individuals with sensitive skin. While it sits at a higher price point, it's resilience can make it a worthy investment for a treasured piece.

Do you need more assistance in choosing the perfect metal for your luxury jewellery?

Contact us today, and let our skilled team guide you through the process of choosing jewellery metals, and tailoring an unusual piece that meets your desires.

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